Monday Makedown

· Monday Makedown

Or for me it’s more like “We can’t eat chocolate fudge ice cream right before bed!!!”

Which, I’m not going to lie, is exactly what happened last night. Ah well, at least I had a salad for lunch. Let’s set some goals for the week:

  • Water the garden bed twice, before work!

Our community garden is about 3 plots of land away from the apartment and our bed needs to be watered in the morning. Since we can only enter during daylight hours and Jacob leaves for work before the sun comes up, guess who gets to get up early to water???

  • Stick to the meal plan.

I’m trying to cut not only our grocery bill, but our wasted food bill as well. Since we eat very vegetarian most time, our fridge has a lot of produce in it. And while having a fridge stocked full of greens is a great thing, it’s only a great thing if you use it all.

I used to be really good at meal planning and am trying to get back into that. It’s a struggle. I like the structure and knowing what I’m going to be making, but the other dark side of me wants to not be held down by constraints. I’m really surprised I’m not a Gemini.

  • Decorate for the holidays!

I’ll admit to being a Grinch for the past few years. It comes from the fact that I haven’t spent any of the holidays with my parents since 2005. Unfortunately, I’m not always great at controlling my emotions, so the bitterness has won over the last few holiday seasons.

This year I am resolved to be merry and bright, so I’m ready to deck the halls with Christmas-y sights and scents. I’m ready for a tree and some stockings, and maybe even a wreath on the door.

The weather is definitely helping with the holiday feeling. It’s freezing here in LA! Almost literally freezing too, it was 39 degrees Fahrenheit this morning when I woke up. Wow!