Friday Meltdown

· Friday Meltdown

Christmas is 5 days away you guys! Have you got all your shopping done? Because I don’t. Not even close.

Last minute shopper 4 lyfe!

If you have done all your shopping but need a few little treats or stocking stuffers, check out some of these goodies below. All pictures will link to the original item’s site, these are not affiliate links.

  • Owl Measuring Spoons, $4.99

These adorable measuring spoons come in 1tbsp, 1 tsp, 1/2 tsp, 1/4 tsp sizes. Owls are kind of a thing now, so I can see many people enjoying these little cuties.

They’re ceramic so they won’t absorb smells or flavors, and when stored they nest in each other. Get it? Nest!

  • Rectangular Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons, $6.99

Now if the owl-y spoons are not up your alley, these functional stainless steel measuring spoons may be. I have this exact set and use it every day.

The shape may be off putting at first, but when you realize they’re shaped this way in order to get into spice bottles, you’ll fall in love.

No more scooping out spices with one spoon into another round measuring spoon, these are slim enough and long enough to get into the narrowest of spice jars.

  • Norpro Nutmeg Grater, $5

Nutmeg is one of my spices of all time and nothing is better than freshly grated. This super functional nutmeg grater is cheap, lasts forever, and even stores a few nutmegs it a compartment at the top.

I pull this baby out for guests, it is to chocolate and coffee drinks what a pepper grinder is to salad. Plus, it saves your microplane blades from dealing with the hard nutmegs.

  • Toast It Coasters

Our furniture may be from Ikea, but I still insist on using coasters on it. These snarky toast coasters would be great for a bit of brunch whimsy.

Or you could leave them wrapped up on the counter and laugh as your housemates try to figure out what type of bread it is. Just stop them before the slices get popped into the toaster.

  • Carry On Chopsticks, $29.95

I know, I know. 30 bucks for chopsticks? But my friends, these are not just any chopsticks. These are compact, some-assembly-required, recycled stainless steel from Japanese baseball bats chopsticks.

My father-in-law got these for us for Christmas a few years ago and they live in my car. Super lightweight, east to clean, easy to put together, they’re great for camping as well!

  • Sweet Leaf Tea Infuser, $14.99

I love a good cuppa tea as much as I love a good cuppa coffee. And any tea drinker worth their steam knows that loose leaf is the best way to get the most out of your tea drinking experience.

I’ve tried so many different steeping gadgets for tea, from mesh insets to those weird tea ball scooper contraptions, but I love this silicone leaf tea steeper the best.

Not only does it come with an separate silicone rest for after you’re done steeping, it also has a stay cool leaf handle at the top and holds the perfect amount of tea for a single mug.

Plus, it’s cute.

  • DIY Mushroom Kit, $19.95

This may be a bit much to shove in a stocking, but if you can get it in there, it’ll be well worth it! Aside from those of you with mushroom allergies, this gift is awesome for a foodie.

It only takes a little care and in time you’ll have a fresh crop of Oyster Mushrooms of your very own. You can get 2-4 crops per box, and if they don’t end up sprouting, Uncommon Goods will gladly send you another.

Alright guys, good luck with the rest of your shopping, wrapping, and ribbon-ing. Have a lovely weekend!