Finding a Groove

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Ah Wednesday, that is exactly how you feel!

So, I did NOT get to bed by 11pm last night. I think I finally slipped into bed around midnight. BUT, I have to give myself props for doing lots of photo editing, a bit of tidying up, and I got the 20 minutes of yoga in. Not bad.

I’ve got a ton of stuff to do tonight:

cook dinner
grocery shop
cook for a potluck at work tomorrow
clean the bathroom
finish editing pictures
finish Sunday’s post from school

It’s been a challenge to find my blogging stride in the midst of work, keeping house, cooking, school, and being a wife. I don’t know how you guys with kids do it! I imagine it’s the same process for me (1. plan ahead, 2. JUST DO IT!), but with more people involved.

I’ve never been great at routines myself, I’m sad to say. However, I am seeing the importance of sticking with it. I see the most immediate change when it comes to drinking water, exercising, and going to bed on time. Not only do I physically and mentally feel better, but the results double as motivation to keep going.

If you’ve got any tidbits on how to keep yourself on track, please let me know below!