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Having a super full weekend means I’m behind a few days on editing. Sorry.

Jacob’s teaching me all about batch processing and other Photoshop automations. Unfortunately, a lot of the tutoring happens right before bed, so I’m not the best student. Read: Grumpy. (Sorry babe.)

The flash I’ve been borrowing from my father-in-law needs to be returned, so I’ll be trying to figure out other lighting options this week. Luckily, the internet is a wealth of information for part-time food bloggers. I have a new Pinterest board all about food photography, tips and tricks, and food styling.

<3 Pinterest forever! Seriously, it’s an addiction.

It’s insane that as I’m going through my Feedly, I am seeing pictures from bloggers of their yards, lawns, houses, and cars full of snow!

To give you a little perspective, here’s the forecast for the next few days in Pasadena, CA:

Seriously. A week before Christmas.

What. The. Hell. Los Angeles.

But don’t misread me, I LOVE the heat and HATE the cold. I feel for all you whippersnappers scraping snow and ice off of everything in your life right now.

It’s just the inconsistency I dislike most of all.

Beggars, choosers, blah, blah, blah.

Okay, so lots of cooking later tonight and a new recipe coming. The hubs will be home late so it may be a “cook for work/the blog but actually eat take out” kind of night.

I don’t know about you guys, but when we decide to eat out, it usually ends like this:

I know I’m not the only horribly indecisive foodie around right?