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Hawaii’n Concert

Hey guys, big BIG day today! I’ve been doing extra weekend hula practices for the past few weeks in preparation for this concert and I can’t believe it’s actually here! We had double shows today, one at 3pm and one at 8pm, so it was a long one. Luckily, I adore my halau so it’s […]

DJ Cooking

Having a super full weekend means I’m behind a few days on editing. Sorry. Jacob’s teaching me all about batch processing and other Photoshop automations. Unfortunately, a lot of the tutoring happens right before bed, so I’m not the best student. Read: Grumpy. (Sorry babe.) The flash I’ve been borrowing from my father-in-law needs to […]

Finding a Groove

Ah Wednesday, that is exactly how you feel! So, I did NOT get to bed by 11pm last night. I think I finally slipped into bed around midnight. BUT, I have to give myself props for doing lots of photo editing, a bit of tidying up, and I got the 20 minutes of yoga in. […]

Dumpling Delight

There’s no argument that Los Angeles is one of the ultimate foodie playgrounds. I’ve been reading a series by LA Magazine called “Global Eats”, an exploration of various cuisines all over LA. Their latest post covered a major foodie obsession of mine: dumplings. Dumplings are my second favorite thing to eat, the winner still being […]

Sweater Weather

This post is inspired by a bunch of my favorite YouTubers and my good friend! Now it’s not exactly sweater weather here in Los Angeles… While many people think fall looks like this: In Southern California, fall looks like this: Yep. On to the questions! Favorite candle scent? Anything with vanilla. I am actually more […]