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Friday Meltdown

Christmas is 5 days away you guys! Have you got all your shopping done? Because I don’t. Not even close. Last minute shopper 4 lyfe! If you have done all your shopping but need a few little treats or stocking stuffers, check out some of these goodies below. All pictures will link to the original […]

DJ Cooking

Having a super full weekend means I’m behind a few days on editing. Sorry. Jacob’s teaching me all about batch processing and other Photoshop automations. Unfortunately, a lot of the tutoring happens right before bed, so I’m not the best student. Read: Grumpy. (Sorry babe.) The flash I’ve been borrowing from my father-in-law needs to […]

Monday Makedown

Or for me it’s more like “We can’t eat chocolate fudge ice cream right before bed!!!” Which, I’m not going to lie, is exactly what happened last night. Ah well, at least I had a salad for lunch. Let’s set some goals for the week: Water the garden bed twice, before work! Our community garden […]

DIY Foodie Goodness

Woo, it’s the first Friday in December! How did this happen? I feel like it was the 4th of July just yesterday… With Christmas just around the corner, here are some Friday Finds: DIY Foodie Gifts, perfect for your culinary crew. (All pictures and post links will direct you to the original item or blog […]

Reflecting on Pearl Harbor

I asked my grandmother once about the bombing Pearl Harbor. She didn’t say much… there was thunder but no clouds and the ground shook uncontrollably. I was born and raised a mile up the mountain from Pearl Harbor, so it’s pretty iconic for me. The view of it from my house is amazing. I remember […]

Finding a Groove

Ah Wednesday, that is exactly how you feel! So, I did NOT get to bed by 11pm last night. I think I finally slipped into bed around midnight. BUT, I have to give myself props for doing lots of photo editing, a bit of tidying up, and I got the 20 minutes of yoga in. […]