Archives for November, 2013

Dumpling Delight

There’s no argument that Los Angeles is one of the ultimate foodie playgrounds. I’ve been reading a series by LA Magazine called “Global Eats”, an exploration of various cuisines all over LA. Their latest post covered a major foodie obsession of mine: dumplings. Dumplings are my second favorite thing to eat, the winner still being […]

Molten Hot Pocket Drops

Oh man, are you ready for some chocolatey goodness? I certainly am and these molten chocolate pots deliver maximum chocolate flavor for minimal effort. School was exhausting today due to some work interruption and no amount of French food was going to cure my craving for chocolate. On the drive home I was dreaming of […]

What have I started?

Uh oh. I started a new blog. Yep, this one. Haven’t I done this old song and dance before? Yes I have actually, but not successfully. Luckily, I have a plan: simplify. No huge aspirations of blogging glory. I am NOT going to be the next major blogger, I just want a nice space to […]